Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spiritual Discipline Challenge

As a seminarian, I'm no stranger to religion. I'm a friend of it, in as much as it lives up to its true origin: religare, to bind (Latin). And at the heart of every good religion, beyond divisive finger-wagging dogmatists and hair-splitting inquisitors, there are the mystics. The ones who religare the wounds of the world. Souls unified with a benevolent God--Ultimate Truth, Goodness, Beauty, the Source who creates, animates and sustains life. Bound to God, the mystic is bound to all of sister-creation.

Mystics are spiritual alchemists. They participate in a trysting together - religare - of humanity and divinity. What do all mystics have in common? How do they become conduits of the Divine Life, binding the world to a higher pitch of existence? 

Spiritual disciplines.

Creative Flow
The Rosary

I've been working recently on a new spiritual discipline: Transcendental Meditation (TM). 20 minutes every morning, 20 minutes every night. I'm a month in, which is about the time it takes to form a new habit. And the results have been stunning!

I have a new boldness and risk-tolerance - I put myself out there more, and care less what people think.
I have made positive, healthy changes concerning life balance.
I feel increased peace and joy that lasts, when before I was overwhelmed by overthinking.
And my creativity has SOARED! Mental blocks? Gone.

That's why I want to challenge you to give TM (or some other discipline) a try. I believe it has the power to completely shift your life.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE CHALLENGE - Awakening your inner mystic 

For the next three days - just three! you can do this! - commit 20 minutes per day to a centering practice (prayer, yoga, meditation, bead-prayer/rosary). I guarantee (and empirical studies have my back on this) that you'll access increased levels of clarity, creativity, wisdom and peace.

Namaste, friends!