Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ginger Rothhaas & Divine Assignment

The ever-wise Ginger Rothhaas recently shared with me the secrets of navigating change, crossing thresholds, rising to adventure and embracing the Divine Assignment. Ginger is a public speaker, teacher, author and blogger whose work can be found at

In this episode of The Lift Podcast:
0:54 – Introduction to Ginger Rothhaas
1:44 – Elevator questions
2:18 – Growing up, did you always have a sense of Divine Assignment?
4:42 – Multiple Sclerosis at 29, and illness as the “ultimate reset button”
7:53 – On seminary, answering the call to learn and teach, and conquering fear
11:01 – “Many open gates” – on cattle drives, leadership and the process of change
15:34 – Divine Assignment, finding our life’s calling to serve
18:10 – The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell as inspiration
19:56 – The call to adventure, its refusal, signs (and Tolkien’s The Hobbit)
22:42 – Ginger’s new class, “Tune In”
24:01 – Trials and suffering: when you want to give up
25:46 – “20 seconds of insane courage,” thresholds, and the divine leap of faith
27:04 – returning with the elixir as your unique offering
28:15 – 7 indicators of calling: pain, vision, not me, the echo, mine, freedom, bliss