Monday, January 30, 2017

Matt Foster on Buddhism

For my Year of Faiths project, this month I'm immersed in Buddhism. Today I’m joined by Matt Foster, an ordained minister of Buddhism who hosts retreats, delivers dharma talks, teaches chanting, and leads a monthly Buddhist meditation at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in KC. Together, we speak of our religions, with a stunning emphasis on how very much they share in common.


In this podcast episode:
0:00 3 tempations of Christ & the Buddha
1:29 Introduction to Matt Foster
5:44 On overcoming anxiety through meditation
7:02 Sitting with negative emotions
8:38 Origins of Buddhism
11:30 3 poisons, desire, 4 noble truths & enlightenment
18:02 What makes Buddhism unique from other religions
20:31 Parallels between Buddhism & Christianity (birth narrative)
24:44 How Matt understands these parallels
26:40 Siddharta Gautama’s youth and enlightenment
30:49 The Dalai Lama’s take on other religions
32:04 An essential lesson Buddhism can teach all of us