Friday, March 31, 2017

Chris Logan: Homosexuality & the Church

My latest guest on the podcast is Pastor Chris Logan, a popular speaker (you'll see why!), an advocate of racial, gender and social justice, and a Christian pastor seeking ordination in the United Methodist Church. The only hiccup is that Chris is gay. Today, as the United Methodist Church and many others threaten to divide, or have already divided, over homosexuality, Chris Logan’s story is especially poignant, and his willingness to share openly about his experiences as a gay Christian and clergy is nothing short of courageous. 

In this podcast episode:
0:00 On the labels he wears (black, gay, clergy)
1:58 Trying (just about everything) not to be gay
2:53 What judgment and rejection feels like
4:30 "Coming out" to friends, family and self
7:33 Homosexuality and the near schism in the United Methodist Church
10:12 How "liabilities" can be prophetic calls
13:50 What the Bible says about homosexuality
17:07 The fine line between opinions and bigotry
18:20 The high rate of suicide among the gay community
19:32 Nationalism, white supremacy and hate in America
22:03 "We are not called to respond to sin and hatred with sin and hatred"
24:04 On Chris' faith
27:32 Chris' prophetic encounter at a young age