Saturday, March 18, 2017

Prof. Jim Kreider: Mystical Experience

I'm excited to share my latest podcast episode, a fascinating look at the supernatural and mysical experience with Professor Jim Kreider.
Jim Kreider, retired Professor, licensed psychotherapist and student of consciousness, spirituality and energy psychology talks about working with people who have psychic abilities, and how each of us can tune into this heightened awareness for the healing of ourselves and, ultimately, the world.

In this podcast episode:
0:00 Why people are suspicious of spiritual reality
0:30 Introduction to Prof. Jim Kreider
1:13 Jim’s Mennonite childhood
2:40 On God
7:55 Are some people natural mystics?
9:37 Working with psychic & highly sensitive people
13:33 The sacred act of seeing people as they are
14:27 My own prophetic encounters & synchronicity
18:04 Theology of supernatural experience (and its loss)
21:18 Sensitivity = the essential ingredient of psychic experience
22:45 Supernatural terminology
25:07 Energy work and seeing auras
30:05 Dark, dense (toxic) energy
33:56 Religious rituals & energy
35:58 Inviting hard emotions in for tea
37:38 The hope of a shifting generation