Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Aneesah Dawan: The Global Woman

My guest today, Aneesah Dawan, is a public speaker, motivator and Islamic religious leader who focuses on the feminine voice in scripture to the benefit of humankind. Aneesah studied philosophy and religion at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, criminal justice at the University of Houston-Downtown and Arabic & Islamic studies at Abu Noor University in Damascus, Syria. Aneesah's perspective was thought-provoking and still has me pondering the interplay between the masculine and feminine in scripture and the universe.
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In this podcast episode:
0:00: Reading the signs in the world & scripture
1:45 Introduction to Aneesah Dawan
2:29 “The Global Woman”
4:11 Aneesah’s understanding of the masculine & feminine in the Qu’ran
10:28 A reading from the Qu’ran (sung in Arabic)
13:55 Translation of Qu'ranic recitation
18:03 Closing