Saturday, May 12, 2018

My "Class" on World Religions

At the turn of 2018 I was asked to lead a class on world religions. As I pondered what this class might look like, I soon realized it needed to be much more than a class--I wanted to lead people on an interfaith immersion experience.
So instead of a class, I invited people on a tour of the Hindu Temple for puja (prayers), the Buddhist Center for a meditation, and the local Muslim mosque to watch evening prayers (and on the week in-between, our church had a viewing of the documentary "Big Sonia" about my dear friend who survived the holocaust as a Jew).

Rime Buddhist Center
 Hindu Temple & Cultural Center
"Big Sonia" (five years ago on her bday)
I couldn't believe how many people showed up! What a wonderful privilege to help build bridges between diverse peoples and faiths! Thank you, Resurrection Downtown, for your incredible openness and for allowing me to do this (in my experience, not many Christians are this open), and to all these friends of various faiths for your supreme hospitality.